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Hazard Ops takes first person missions beyond its plateau and introduces the scope of third person shooting. It is ensnared in a mixture of dynamic flavors that will leave you speechless.

Hazard Ops Wiki provides detailed information spanning many categories. Lack information on missions? It's right here. Need extra information on game modes? That's available. How about weapons, gears and mods? It's all here along with so much more.

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Mech Weapons

Hazard Ops

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Video Game

Caption A Next Generation Third Person Shooter Filled Die Hard Superlatives
Publisher Infernum
Release N/A
Platforms PC / Steam /
Genre Next Gen Third Person Shooting
Modes Single-Player, Multiplayer



It's the 21st Century and fears have finally come to past. Private corporations have more powerful that government entities. The world's equilibrium has faltered with global warming, terrorism and technological advancement spiraling out of control.

The biggest culprits? The International Coalition Forces, a private combat agency centered around mercenaries who have an array of experience. They are known for venturing on high-profile missions and will engage in unconventional tactics as a last resort.

If that sounds bad, then quickly swallow the appetizer, you're in for quite the main course. Ruthless nefarious bodies are emerging from depths of polluted ocean and depraved expanses of desert. These monsters are on a blood thirsty rampage and no one is sure who is to be held accountable, the private corporations perhaps?

That is where you come in, Hazard Operations (Hazard Ops) provide the most dangerous missions that are undertaken by the ICF. It is up to you to risk everything and annihilate the monsters of the deep. Accumulate profits, hone your skills and become the ultimate killing machine. The only question that remains is, will you succeed or will you succumb?


A Next-Gen Third Person Shooter featuring varying angles of aiming and movement.

Game Trailer


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About Infernum

A game development company that is located in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in online game development and partner with several other enterprises in order to produce stunning effects. Yingpei Games based in Shanghai, China played a crucial role in the developmental life cycle of Hazard Ops.


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